Chem-Pruf is at this year’s NRPA Conference and Exposition!

The National Recreation and Park Association’s Congress and Exposition in Charlotte, North Carolina starts today and goes through the 16th. More than 7,000 industry professionals and nearly 400 exhibitors will be in attendance. There will be hundreds of education sessions as well as an exposition showcasing products and services. Chem-Pruf is proud to be exhitibing at such a great event and will have on display our beautiful fiberglass doors.

From world renowned theme parks, zoos, and exotic game ranches, to city and state parks, to swimming pools and aquariums, Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors maintain a level of decorum that is second to none. Doors in many of these applications are exposed to moisture, corrosive chemicals, animal waste and harsh weather. Chem-Pruf door systems are designed for these applications and will perform flawlessly and remain beautiful year after year.

Stop by and see us at booth 3710 if you are at this year’s NRPA in Charlotte. We would love the opportunity to ask how we can help you. For more information on why we are the industry leader feel free to call us at 800-444-6924 or visit our website at




The Choice for a Green Tomorrow

There was an interesting article in an earlier issue this year of Building Design and Construction magazine that discussed the top green movements in the modern industry. The article was by senior editor Julie S. Higginbotham and she was able to layout some great new ways companies are making the switch to more environment friendly features. She goes on to explain how the green building movement in North America will continue to grow and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Chem-Pruf is committed to protecting the environment and to preserving resources by producing products with long service lives and minimal or no upkeep requirements – and that includes no need ever to paint, eliminating possible adverse environmental impact from that activity. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors have a lifetime guarantee against corrosion, so unlike hollow metal doors, Chem-Pruf doors rarely if ever reach landfills. Plus, Chem-Pruf doors come in a variety of colors and finishes. Below are some of the finishes that are available.

colors and finishes

Be sure to check Chem-Pruf’s green statement to learn about how we are doing our part for the environment!

Do You Know the True Cost of a Hollow Metal Door in a Corrosive Environment?

The average service life of a hollow metal door in a corrosive environment is only 2.5 years. Over a 25 year period the door would have to be replaced on average 10 times. The door has to be painted after installation and the paint needs to be maintained. If the door is not painted on a regular basis the door will deteriorate even quicker. So if you estimate the repeated price of purchasing the door, the required maintenance, paint and installation costs, you are looking at a staggering $27,440 over a 25 year period.

Can you guess what a fiberglass door from Chem-Pruf will cost you over the same period? $3,009; this is 9 times less than the cost of a Hollow Metal Door!

Fiberglass vs Steel-01

Fiberglass doors should be your only choice when corrosion is a concern. Fiberglass doors do not break down or corrode the way hollow metal doors do when exposed to water, corrosive materials or heavy washdown. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors are chemically welded assemblies, they have a monolithic design so there are no seams, gaps or cavities for bacteria, moisture or dirt to enter the interior of the door. Chem-Pruf FRP doors are manufactured with a permanent gelcoat finish and will never need to be painted.

For more information on Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors and frames call 956-544-1000.

Do you know why you should choose Fiberglass Doors over Hollow Metal Doors for Corrosive Environments?

Hollow metal doors and frames have limitations in high-use, heavy-duty or corrosive environments. In these types of environments they rust, dent and deteriorate. They have so many maintenance issues that their lifespan is considerably shortened. It is a well-known fact that moisture is the enemy of every hollow metal door. Hollow metal doors have a welded design, the seams are visible and have a potential for a gap. The interior of the door will trap the moisture, permitting the door to rust from the inside out. Typically, a hollow metal door will begin to rust the day after they are manufactured. Therefore, metal doors must be painted after installation and the paint needs to be maintained year after year (or sooner in some cases). If the door is not painted on a regular basis the doors will deteriorate. Plus the interior of the door can harbor dust, dirt and bacteria.

Fiberglass doors are the only choice when corrosion is a concern. Fiberglass doors do not break down or corrode the way hollow metal doors do when exposed to water, corrosive materials or heavy usage. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors are chemically welded assemblies, they have a monolithic design so there are no seams, gaps or cavities for bacteria or dirt to enter the interior of the door. FRP doors are manufactured with a permanent gel-coat finish, they provide a high degree of quality, consistency and reliability and the panel is virtually maintenance free.

Fiberglass door cores are typically electrically non-conductive and therefore eliminate galvanic corrosion, including concerns connected with coastal environments. They can also be appropriate for indoor water exposure in buildings such as car washes or facilities that require regular wash-downs. Do you know where else a fiberglass door should be used? Find out in my next blog!

Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Doors Don't Rust!

Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Doors Don’t Rust!



How to Maintain a Fiberglass Door

The beauty of maintaining a fiberglass door and frame is essentially non-existent. Why you ask, because our fiberglass door is highly corrosion resistant and it’s structural integrity and light weight characteristics contribute greatly to its low maintenance. Maintenance for the most part is associated with the accessories and hardware attached to the door and frame. Brown Fiberglass Doors

The door should always swing freely and smoothly, so it is important to check all hinges for loose attaching screws, hinge pin wear or other notable defects. Service the hinges or remove defective parts and replace per the hinge manufacturer’s recommendations. Check all latch-sets for loose attaching screws, latch wear or other notable defects. Self-latching devices should always function freely and smoothly as the door swings into the closed position. Silencers should be replaced when latch operation is compromised by wear. The strike should be firmly attached to the frame or inactive leaf of a pair of doors. Check for loose screws and or other notable defects. Service or remove and replace per the manufacturer’s instructions. Check all overhead devices for loose attaching screws, linkage arm, pin wear, fluid leaks, or other notable defects. The primary and secondary closing speed adjustments should also be set and maintained per the manufacturer’s instructions. The device should allow the door to operate freely and smoothly throughout its entire swing range and positively latch, when so equipped, or remain in the closed position.

A general visual inspection of the door and frame finish should be periodically conducted. Excessive surface defects should be sealed or repaired. Periodically check the interior and exterior of the door for damage. If the surface is punctured, a patch may be applied to effectively seal the door. The exterior may be maintained with an occasional non-abrasive application of wax similar to what you would use on an automobile or fiberglass boat. Chemical spills and splashes should be cleaned in a timely manner to protect the finish from fading or discoloration. Graffiti may be cleaned using non-abrasive non solvent based cleaners suitable for fiberglass gel coat surfaces. Visually inspect the gasket or weather-stripped areas such as perimeter seals, threshold seals, door bottoms etc. Inspect for signs of deterioration such as splitting, cracking, or deforming of flexible components.

The windows should be checked for cracks and or missing pieces. The lite kit mounting frame should be checked to assure all attaching screws or other means are tight, and the unit is securely attached to the door. Service the window or remove defective parts when required.

For more information on how to maintain a fiberglass door please consult the factory, your maintenance manual and you’re the manufacturer’s hardware manual.


Chem-Pruf Needs Your Help

Customer service can mean different things to different people. At Chem-Pruf, it means everything. From the design phase to installation of the corrosion resistant doors and FRP products and beyond, Chem-Pruf desires to be with you every step of the way. Whether your project is large or small, new or retrofit, custom or standard – we want you to feel absolutely positive that you can depend on Chem-Pruf. So, every now and then we like to take a moment and ask how we’re doing, are there things that we could be doing better or are we doing everything to your satisfaction? Subsequently this is where we need your help. We created a short survey that will let us know in your eyes how we are doing. As a thank you, we will enter your name into a random drawing to win a $100 debit gift card. The link for the survey is below!

gift card

Doors for Parks & Recreation Facilities

Last week, we attended the Florida Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference for the first time. Geared toward Park and Recreation officials in Florida, there is a lot of education and training that takes place throughout the week-long event. Everything from leadership sessions, park system management, and design and safety tips, to theraputic recreation education is offered. There is also a two-day seminar for vendors to exhibit their products which are relevant to park systems (that’s where we came in!). Since Chem-Pruf works with a lot of park and recreation facilities, we were excited to attend the event.

Booth view

Everything from Fiberglass Doors to Playground Equipment!

The exhibit was very beneficial, as we were able to connect with a lot of great people in a relaxed, informal setting. This helped us learn more about the challenges these folks face when it comes to the equipment used in their park systems.

Challenges such as graffiti and physical damage are high on the list of problems which we can happily solve: the glass-like finish of our molded-in gelcoat allows spray paint and marker to be wiped off, and our doors withstand a huge amount of abuse without damage (they pass the “large missle impact” test).

One of the best things about this conference (from an exhibitor’s perspective), was that the exhibit hours were condensed and we weren’t competing with concurrent conference activities. This made for a more relaxed atmosphere where you felt like there was time to truly connect with people.

We met some new companies that were interested in our product, especially after having some bad experiences with metal doors that began rusting after just 8 months in service! We were able to share how our fiberglass doors are guaranteed for life against rust and corrosion. We also caught up with some of the design firms we’ve partnered with over the years, and met some representatives from a city pool rennovation project that our doors were spec’d in. It’s always nice to reconnect with customers and hear postiive feedback on the quality of our doors.

One of the most exciting aspects of the exhibit was when the silent auction was wrapping up. We auctioned off a Bose Soundlink bluetooth speaker, and it got a little tense right at the end! In all seriousness, the auction was a fun aspect of the conference and is a big fundraiser for the FRPA foundation. We were glad to participate!


Who’s gonna win the auction?

All in all, we’re glad we attended. The food was great, and it went beyond just networking: it was great to connect with some fun-loving people who are dedicated to providing great park facilities to the public.

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