Custom Designed Doors – Not a Problem for Chem-Pruf!

Do you have a particular door image in mind for your facility? Something different and unique designed specifically for you? Something that will set you apart from your competitors? Then look no further. Chem-Pruf can design and manufacture a custom door to suit your needs. Oversized doors, dutch doors, sliding doors, doors with custom finishes, doors with custom textures and doors with custom designs molded-in are not a problem.

Do you want it to look like a barn door? Not a problem! Do you want it to blend into the surrounding? Not a problem! Do you want it to make a statement? Not a problem! Whatever the challenge, Chem-Pruf has the solution!

Take a look at some of our unique custom made doors! Our highly skill craftsmen can build a door that will meet and exceed your expectations. Whether it’s for a theme park, zoo, aquarium, casino, restaurant, car wash, or even your local recreational facility, Chem-Pruf design options are virtually endless and our Engineers and Sales staff are eager to help create the exact door for your unique requirements.

Custom doors

Chem-Pruf is leading the way in innovation and engineering and with the bar raised very high. Let us prove to you why we are your only choice when it comes to custom made, corrosion resistant fiberglass doors. Call us today at  800-444-6924.


Chem-Pruf – The Easy to Install FRP Door

Do you have plans in the near future to build a new facility or add another section to your building? Chances are you are going to need a door. If you order a Chem-Pruf Door you can take the stress out of worrying about the installation or worse trying to find the multiple packages that typically come with doors.

Chem-Pruf has the Total Opening Solution, also referred to as a Unitized Door System or simply the Complete Package. Chem-Pruf takes pride in making the installation process simple. Chem-Pruf’s preassembled fiberglass doors ship ready for installation thus, saving you time, money, and labor. Two installers can center the door unit into the wall and bond it in place in about one-third of the normal installation time. The doors are each placed in their own individual crate. All crates are clearly marked with the specific opening information for quick identification. Anchors, loose hardware items and instructions are boxed inside the crate. No more searching through various pallets and separate boxes of materials to complete your installation!

Chem-Pruf total opening solution

Did I mention that our doors are shipped fully assembled in their frames? It really doesn’t get much easier than this. As I mentioned earlier, at Chem-Pruf we want to stress how simple the installation process is and we take pride in ensuring you will be satisfied with your product. If you have any questions about installation or our products, feel free to contact us at (956)544-1000.



Happy 4th of July from Chem-Pruf!

July 4th

July 4th marks our nation’s birth and a day that was declared for peace and freedom. As we gather with our family and friends, we can’t help but remember what this great nation stands for and its history of independence. This one day is set aside to enjoy with loved ones and spend time in the great outdoors. So as people get ready for their holiday plans, let’s all take a moment to remember our greatest July 4th memories and what make them special to us!

For my family, the 4th of July has always been a day of cooking out, spending time with relatives, and then gathering for the fireworks display. One of the greatest 4th of July celebrations I can remember was when I was a young child and my family decided to call every relative from out of town to come celebrate the day with us. There were a great amount of people having fun and enjoying the company of others, which is one thing this great holiday should have. Throughout the celebration I can remember the delicious scent of charcoal being burned on a grill and the sound of our favorite music coming from the family radio. Then after a wonderful dinner with the people I love, we all sat around a fire to roast some decadent s’mores and continue the celebration with the sun down. This most certainly was one of my greatest memories and something I think of every time Independence Day comes around.

So if you are spending time with your family this upcoming holiday, try to think of your greatest and most special memory. Maybe it’s spending the day with distant relatives or watching your local sports with friends, or maybe it’s enjoying all the delicious cuisine that fills our homes. Whatever your special celebration may be, Chem-Pruf wants you to enjoy the day and have a happy 4th of July!


The Choice for a Green Tomorrow

There was an interesting article in an earlier issue this year of Building Design and Construction magazine that discussed the top green movements in the modern industry. The article was by senior editor Julie S. Higginbotham and she was able to layout some great new ways companies are making the switch to more environment friendly features. She goes on to explain how the green building movement in North America will continue to grow and is showing no sign of slowing down.

Chem-Pruf is committed to protecting the environment and to preserving resources by producing products with long service lives and minimal or no upkeep requirements – and that includes no need ever to paint, eliminating possible adverse environmental impact from that activity. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors have a lifetime guarantee against corrosion, so unlike hollow metal doors, Chem-Pruf doors rarely if ever reach landfills. Plus, Chem-Pruf doors come in a variety of colors and finishes. Below are some of the finishes that are available.

colors and finishes

Be sure to check Chem-Pruf’s green statement to learn about how we are doing our part for the environment!

Let the Sun Shine Down

In two days summer will officially be here! The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the temperature is rising, so get out of the house and have some fun. To me, there is nothing that says summer is here other than spending an afternoon with friends and family at a park enjoying the fresh warm air. Especially with the temperature changing and also the weather.

I’m a little bit of a door geek, everywhere I go I try to see if our fiberglass doors are being used. The last time I was at my local park, I noticed how structured and intact the facility buildings were and thought about the conditions they endure throughout the year; snow, the beating sun and thunderstorms. The doors on these facilities are constantly being touched, swung open and slammed shut. Chem-Pruf fiberglass door systems incorporate premium materials, superior design and engineering processes to ensure every Chem-Pruf door can withstand harsh weather, nature and human beings. In fact, Chem-Pruf door systems are designed for these applications and will perform flawlessly and remain beautiful year after year. Plus, Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors are naturally friendly to the environment; longevity, cleanliness, strength and stability make it a sound choice for a “green tomorrow” and beyond.

Doors for a "Green Tomorrow"

Doors for a “Green Tomorrow”

For more information on our fiberglass door systems please call us at 800-444-6924.

Storm Rated Doors, Perfect for Any Season!

Beachfront condos


After a long winter it is so nice that spring is finally here! With spring comes the excitement of warm weather, picnics, and cookouts with family and friends. Unfortunately, it is also that time of year when temperatures change and sometimes so drastically that it causes thunder storms and damaging winds. The damage can definitely take its toll on roofs, but it can also cause damage to your door.

CP Storm Rated Image

Chem-Pruf has a fiberglass door that is designed to withstand the harsh weather that storms can produce. Chem-Pruf fiberglass storm doors have received the Florida Building Code (FBC) and Texas Dept. of Insurance (TDI) approval for installation in high wind coastal conditions. All Storm Door models meet or exceed the standards set for large missile impact (ASTM-E1886/1996 missile level D), both positive and negative cycle pressure and wind load. As a matter of fact, the surface of Chem-Pruf’s door, known as the plate, met and surpassed the large impact requirements of the Florida Building Code.


Check out our video that will describe how Chem-Pruf has the edge on storm and hurricane rated doors.–C8Wc0ECTI

Chem-Pruf to Attend 2014 Turnkey Conference

The Gaylord National Harbor will hold the 2014 Turnkey Conference to provide useful information on how to update laboratory quality to be more economical and efficient. This is a vital conference for anyone operating, renovating, or building an animal research facility. Designed for industry experts, this conference will be the event of the year for facility managers, directors, veterinarians, vendors etc. As this once a year meeting draws in, Chem-Pruf is proud to be in attendance and will be displaying some of its unique fiberglass doors.


Chem-Pruf is showcasing its fiberglass door systems that are ideal for the vivarium, pharmaceutical, and research facility environment. These doors are a must to avoid the introduction of contaminants, pathogens, growth of vermin, and infectious outbreaks. Chem-Pruf’s fiberglass door is thoroughly seamless, thus eliminating all cracks and seams where bacteria may hide. These doors are completely hygienic and can stand up to daily wash downs and rigorous cleanings with a number of harsh chemicals. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors comply with NIH Standards, FDA compliant and when required are available with up to a 90 minute fire label, storm or STC rating.

If you are at the show be sure to stop by and see us. If you can’t make it to the show and you would like more information on our fiberglass door systems please call us at 800-444-6924.