Chem-Pruf to Attend this Year’s AZA Annual Conference!

Tomorrow,  September 12th, the 2014 annual conference of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums will be held in Orlando, FL! This event is a great opportunity for wildlife professionals to spread awareness about animal care, education, safety, and conservation. Professional individuals from across the nation will be in attendance to participate in the fun and exciting experience! Founded in 1924, this nonprofit organization is committed to enhancing zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. The AZA and the annual conference is a great network tool to spread awareness and knowledge.

Chem-Pruf is excited to be a part of the show and is proud to have a product that can benefit Zoos and Aquariums. Chem-Pruf FRP doors stand-up beautifully against the elements often found in Zoos and Aquariums such as; moisture, animal waste, cleaning chemicals and even harsh weather. Chem-Pruf doors will perform flawlessly year after year and the beautiful, glossy gelcoat finish, one-piece construction and molded-in accessories make it the ideal choice for these corrosive applications.

Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors are naturally friendly to the environment; longevity, cleanliness, strength and stability make it a sound choice for a “green tomorrow” and beyond. So whether it’s for an elephant exhibit, a penguin habitat, or the entrance of a shark reef, take comfort in knowing that you can’t go wrong with a Chem-Pruf fiberglass door. Check out some of our doors in these zoo photos and see for yourself how greatly Chem-Pruf doors can complement your application!

Zoo 2

Zoo 1

For more information on the 2014 Association of Zoos and Aquariums, visit their website!


Do you know why you should choose Fiberglass Doors over Hollow Metal Doors for Corrosive Environments?

Hollow metal doors and frames have limitations in high-use, heavy-duty or corrosive environments. In these types of environments they rust, dent and deteriorate. They have so many maintenance issues that their lifespan is considerably shortened. It is a well-known fact that moisture is the enemy of every hollow metal door. Hollow metal doors have a welded design, the seams are visible and have a potential for a gap. The interior of the door will trap the moisture, permitting the door to rust from the inside out. Typically, a hollow metal door will begin to rust the day after they are manufactured. Therefore, metal doors must be painted after installation and the paint needs to be maintained year after year (or sooner in some cases). If the door is not painted on a regular basis the doors will deteriorate. Plus the interior of the door can harbor dust, dirt and bacteria.

Fiberglass doors are the only choice when corrosion is a concern. Fiberglass doors do not break down or corrode the way hollow metal doors do when exposed to water, corrosive materials or heavy usage. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors are chemically welded assemblies, they have a monolithic design so there are no seams, gaps or cavities for bacteria or dirt to enter the interior of the door. FRP doors are manufactured with a permanent gel-coat finish, they provide a high degree of quality, consistency and reliability and the panel is virtually maintenance free.

Fiberglass door cores are typically electrically non-conductive and therefore eliminate galvanic corrosion, including concerns connected with coastal environments. They can also be appropriate for indoor water exposure in buildings such as car washes or facilities that require regular wash-downs. Do you know where else a fiberglass door should be used? Find out in my next blog!

Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Doors Don't Rust!

Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Doors Don’t Rust!



Chem-Pruf Fiberglass Hurricane Doors

While the 2013 hurricane season has been fairly quiet, there is still just over a month left before it is “officially” over. While there have been strong hurricanes even into late October, we’re hopeful for ALL of the people in coastal areas that we don’t see any major hurricanes this year.

The benefits of a quiet season are many: increased safety, less need for natural disaster recovery, more dollars for tourism, and so on. However, the lack of strong storms shouldn’t make us complacent. We still need to be prepared for the strong storms that may arise next year.

The Right Door For Hurricanes

From hotels along the beach to public buildings or manufacturing facilities, you can count on Chem-Pruf doors to provide the protection you need. And just why do you need that protection? Simple – doors are a key component of protecting the building envelope!

You may already know that Chem-Pruf doors are the strongest in the industry. In fact, our door plates pass the ASTM E 1886 / 1996 Missile Impact test by themselves. But if you’re building for extremly harsh applications, such as along the coasts where large, strong storms are possible, be sure to specify our Hurricane / FBC Series door (FBC stands for Florida Building Code). In many areas, it’s required by code!

These Storm-Rated Doors have received FBC and Texas Dept. of Insurance (TDI) approval for installation in high wind coastal conditions. Every one of our Storm Door models meet or exceed the standards set for large missile impact (ASTM-E1886/1996 missile level D), and both positive and negative cycle pressure!

How are Chem-Pruf Storm-Rated Doors Stronger?

When it comes to Storm-Rated Doors, it’s the entire door system that matters. Not just the door, but the frame, hinges, hardware, and so forth. Every component has to be strong enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Frame: Our solid, Resin-Transfer Molded frame system is superior to other fiberglass frames – they are so strong, they have 1,000 pounds of screw-holding power! This frame is securely anchored to the building to ensure that your door is firmly connected to the building structure.

Hardware: Next, on our Hurricane / FBC Series doors, the hinge and lockset hardware is upgraded to a stronger version that can withstand the intense, rapidly shifting winds and pressure changes that violent storms can create.

Window: If you need a window for your application, we can provide that as well, by utilizing a special glazing that is rated for hurricanes. This window glazing is 7/16” thick, laminated and impact-resistant, with a 0.090 polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. This is similar to the safety glass used in automotive applications – the inner PVB layer helps absorb impact and retain glass shards in case of any breakage.

Fire Rating: Finally, we offer storm rated doors that are available with Fire rating certification, which is often required for coastal condominiums and high-rise stairwell applications.

Hurricane-FBC Certified Door Image

The Right Door for Your Application

Our custom molding capabilities allow us to make a door that fits any unique application where aesthetics are a key priority (such as residential). This means you’ll have a great looking, high performing door that meets your specific code requirements.

However, one of the biggest reasons to choose Chem-Pruf is that they will retain their certifications throughout the life of the door. The minute a metal or wood door begins to rust or rot, it starts to lose its’ structural integrity (and therefore, certification). Why gamble with that headache? In a hurricane or other storm, a building is only as strong as its weakest link. Be sure you have the strongest door possible when it really matters – a Chem-Pruf door!

To see if our tested doors meet your application requirements, you can check out the Florida Building Code website or give us a call at 800.444.6924. If you have additional questions about our storm-rated or other specialty doors, please let us know in the comments or on our social media channels. We’d love to hear from you, and all you have to do is click on the links below!


Why are Fiberglass Doors better than Steel?

Steel doors have been commonplace for many years, and often are specified by architects and designers as the “standard” for commercial building service doors. Unfortunately, while they are economical, galvanized steel doors have their share of problems over their lifetime, including rusting and corrosion, maintenance needs such as painting, unsightly dents that cannot be removed, and fairly short, limited warranties. This begs the question: isn’t there something better? As it turns out, fiberglass doors are a much better solution. They offer the same look and functionality as a steel door while eliminating many of their concerns. For example, fiberglass doors…

  • Are Highly Resistant to Damage: Fiberglass is extremely strong and will not dent. Chem-Pruf doors are the strongest available in the industry, and will withstand the impact of 2′ x 4’s as specified in the Florida Building Code “Large Missile Impact Test”! This strength provides for a much better appearance throughout the years and improved occupant protection.

  • Are Durable: Fiberglass doesn’t corrode, and is therefore better suited for highly corrosive environments, coastal areas, and frequent exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals. Chem-Pruf doors will NEVER rust and our manufacturing method creates a completely sealed door, which provides the highest long-term structural integrity. This is extremely important if you need a wind load or fire rated door. Since steel doors corrode from the inside out, once you see rust on a steel door it is already structurally compromised and may not provide the level of protection it was purchased for.  Since Chem-Pruf FRP doors will not rust or rot, your certification remains intact throughout the life of the door.

Fiberglass or Steel

  • Require Less Maintenance: Fiberglass doors typically have a post-applied gel-coat color, which is more durable than the paint on a steel door. Chem-Pruf doors are the only doors to have an integrally molded-in gel-coat, not a post-applied one. This finish method is far stronger than a post-applied finish and can easily withstand corrosive environments and frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals while retaining it’s beautiful finish for life. A Chem-Pruf door will never need painting, significantly reducing maintenance costs. In fact, they are so durable that we warranty our doors for life!
  • Offer Custom Sizing: Unlike many steel doors, Fiberglass doors can be made to almost any dimension. Chem-Pruf does a lot of custom fitting and will work with you to design the perfect-fitting door for your facility. Bring us your toughest challenge!
  • Offer Better Long-Term Value: While they may have a higher initial cost, Fiberglass doors are an investment that lasts. Chem-Pruf doors are built to be so durable that they are warrantied for life against corrosion. This is a huge value in food processing or drug manufacturing environments needing to meet FDA requirements. If your steel door is starting to rust, it won’t pass an FDA inspection, leading to down time and unexpected costs. By installing a Chem-Pruf door you will save yourself the cost of frequent painting and replacement of corroded doors. Over 25 or more years, these become a significant cost!

Do yourself a favor and look to Chem-Pruf the next time you’re specifying or replacing a metal service door. We take great pride in building the best fiberglass doors on the market that will serve you well for years to come. To continue getting updates about Chem-Pruf and the door industry, please subscribe to our blog and follow us on our new Facebook and Twitter pages.

What makes a door Chem-Pruf?

So what makes a door Chem-Pruf? It’s a good question, really. With many other fiberglass door manufacturers out there, we get asked this question a lot. We’re proud to say that our doors truly are the best in the business, and there are a few key reasons they can’t be beat.

Custom, Hand-made Solutions

One of the first reasons is that we offer truly custom solutions – all of our fiberglass products are manufactured by hand using the highest quality raw materials. No inferior quality ingredients here! Our unique manufacturing methods also allow for complete customization of your door system to meet the specific requirements of your project. We’ll expand more on these capabilities in a future post, but know that whatever your challenge, we can help you solve it.

Interior Construction


The internal framework of the door, or the door collar, is the starting point of a door. Our design creates a one-piece (no mitered corners) collar that makes for seamless edges around the door and an extremely solid structure for the plates to bond to. Our proprietary bonding resin system fuses the plates to the collar and core, resulting in a one-piece, solid door structure. We are so confident in the structural integrity of our doors that we guarantee they will not delaminate or separate.

The plates themselves are another key difference. Chem-Pruf plates are the strongest in the industry: at 1/8″ thick, they weigh 1.0 pound per square foot.  These plates are hand laid and molded into one continuous piece using high-quality resins which we can tailor for your specific environment. We maintain a glass content between 25% – 35% for maximum corrosion resistance. The strength of these plates makes these doors extremely strong, offering incredible protection against impacts and flying debris from high winds. We’re the only fiberglass door manufacturer that builds doors this way. Yes, it is more labor intensive, but it is also one of the key reasons our final product is so much better.

Impervious Gelcoat

Our impervious gelcoat is not only a beautiful finish, it is an integral part of the door. At 25 mil thick, it is equivalent to 50-60 coats of paint and provides an impenetrable barrier against corrosive chemicals and other environmental contaminants. The color is molded throughout every part of a Chem-Pruf door system (doors, frames, louvers and other accessories); and we’re the only manufacturer who can offer a complete door system with this premium finish! If needed, we can also make this gelcoat compliant for FDA and USDA applications, with high UV resistance, or with a high-gloss finish. Other fiberglass doors might say their finish is as strong, but there is a huge difference in durability between a post-applied finish and one that is part of the door (like ours). Our finish will withstand years of abuse, cleaning with harsh chemicals and more.


The Complete Package

Chem-Pruf door systems are warrantied for life against failure due to corrosion, and 10 years for failure due to materials or workmanship. Go ahead and compare a Chem-Pruf door to the others and you will see why we can offer such long warranties. Our doors are simply built better. In addition to this exceptional warranty, our complete fiberglass system has through-molded color and can be shipped completely assembled, reducing labor costs on-site and maximizing the fit and finish of each individual part.

We’ve always taken great pride in building the best fiberglass doors and hope this sheds some light on what makes our doors so great. Please subscribe to our blog and follow us on our new Facebook and Twitter pages to get more updates about Chem-Pruf.