Chem-Pruf is Proud to be at this Year’s WEFTEC!

This past Saturday marked the beginning of this year’s WEFTEC in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Water Federations Annual Technician Exhibition and Conference is designed to educate and spread research on today’s water quality education and training. With over 22,000 companies in attendance, this conference offers a great networking opportunity for the industry’s leaders and professionals. Displaying the top technology tools for the water industry, this conference is a great way to gather domestic and international business.

Water and wastewater professionals from around the globe will be in attendance ranging from collection systems managers to environmental engineers and more. The WEFTEC is a top annual exhibit and is a leader in trade shows in North America. Chem-Pruf is honored to not only be a part of this conference, but to learn and spread knowledge about the water and wastewater industry.

Wastewater show

Do you know the true benefits of fiberglass when exposed to corrosion? Hollow metal doors can break down and corrode when exposed to hazardous conditions. Chem-Pruf’s fiberglass doors are able to remain intact when exposed to the harsh elements. From wastewater applications to water processing facilities and more, our fiberglass doors are sure to remain corrosion free! Our doors contain a seamless construction that will prevent any dirt, moisture, and bacteria from breaking through the door surface. Our doors are able to stand up to daily wash downs and offer profound defense against sulfuric acid produced in raw sewage.

Take a look at our Water and Wastewater application information to get more details on our fiberglass doors in the industry:

Be sure to come see us at booth number 8045, along with many other leading water and wastewater industry professionals at this year’s WEFTEC. For more information on Chem-Pruf and our industry leading fiberglass doors, check us out on Facebook or on our website!


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