Happy Labor Day from Chem-Pruf!

This upcoming weekend will mark the end of August, the end of summer vacation for students, and the winding down of a season. The first Monday of every September is always recognized as Labor Day and dedicated to the American workers that help this nation succeed and prosper. The weekend is usually celebrated with parades, grill outs, fireworks, and the last of summer festivities. In fact, did you know that the first Labor Day parade was actually on a Tuesday? The date was September 5th, 1882 and even though parade activities were in swing, the celebration was actually a protest march for safer working conditions, shorter hours and better wages. Though the night did end up being a larger celebration with dancing and evening fireworks, much like the fun and exciting celebrations we all know and love today.

Many Labor Day gatherings will take place at local parks and recreation facilities. With warm weather, food on the grill and great music,  public parks will be filled with families and friends enjoying the time off and relaxation. If you’re at a park this weekend you might just see a Chem-Pruf door. After all Chem-Pruf doors are commonly used in parks and recreational facilities because they maintain a level of decorum that is second to none and they hold up against harsh weather, chemicals and animal waste. Plus they never need to be painted and they are graffiti resistant.

So enjoy your Labor Day this upcoming Monday, and if you are going to be attending any cookouts or festivals, be sure to keep your eye out for a Chem-Pruf fiberglass door! Whatever your application, we have the perfect door for you!

labor day

For more information visit our website at http://www.chem-pruf.com/ or call us at 800-444-6924 | Outside U.S. 956-544-1000



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