FRP Doors for Hospitals and State Facilities

The CDC released data in March showing that 1 in 25 hospital patients in the U.S. is at risk of developing a healthcare-associated infection, and an estimated 721,800 occur annually. The most common infections are pneumonia, diarrhea and urinary tract infections. The sad truth of the matter is that hospitals are full of germs, and patients invariably pass infections on to each other – if not directly, then through the hospital staff with whom they come into contact. Patients can also contract infections from bacterial that live on devises. Frequent hand washing is essential and the basic foundation of all safe care. The CDC recommends hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol for use in hospitals.

Chem-Pruf fiberglass door has a finish that is impermeable against the daily contact of alcohol based hand sanitizers, thus making Chem-Pruf doors the ideal choice for Hospitals and State Facilities. Chem-Pruf’s fiberglass door is completely seamless, eliminating cracks, seams and gaps where bacteria can hide. This tough, hygienic door can stand up to daily washdowns and rigorous cleanings with harsh chemicals including: Clidox, Quatricide, Spor-Klenz and Chlorate. Plus, Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors comply with NIH Standards, are FDA compliant and when required, are available with up to a 90 minute fire label, storm or STC ratings.

Hospital Door

Chem-Pruf corrosion resistant doors and frames are not assembled using component parts and pultrusions obtained from various sources. They are manufactured completely by hand utilizing only the highest quality raw materials. Not only is this unrivaled method of manufacture far superior, it allows the flexibility to customize the door systems to meet the application’s unique requirements. Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors are chemically welded assemblies with a permanent gelcoat finish, so they provide a high degree of quality, consistency, reliability and eliminates the potential for patients with Pica Disorder to peel and eat the paint normally used on doors.

Think, Chem-Pruf fiberglass doors when environmental control in essential to avoid the introduction of contaminants, pathogens, growth of vermin and possibility of infectious outbreaks. For more information visit our website at or call us at 800-444-6924 | Outside U.S. 956-544-1000


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